Core Dances 2019-2020

This year we are again using a core repertoire of dances. However we are trying a different approach this year. Each of the core dances will be repeated for 6 weeks to ensure we get familiar with it and most callers will get a chance to call it.

Below is a list of the dances in the current core, with the dates when they will be called. If you would like a copy of the notation, please ask Malcolm or one of the other committee members. Please talk to Malcolm if anything is not clear in the instructions; he has taken them from the original source where he can.

The dances have been chosen to allow the callers to teach particular figures, styles and formations. Some of the dances are a bit of a challenge, so we won't get them right until we've done some practising. Others have been chosen because they are often danced at public dances, and some more practice will help us to enjoy them more.

We are still experimenting with the best way to approach core dances so please keep passing on feedback to any member of the committee.

Where possible, links to the notation for the dance have been included. No guarantees as to the content of other sites can be given! Note that we may be teaching a slight variant of what is published on the external web site. See also our links page for web sites which provide hints on dance (and calling) technique.

We might even become good enough to publish our own videos as a reference for others!

But, most important of all : Happy Dancing!

From To Dance Name Formation Source Music
3-Sep-198-Oct-19 St Martin's Lane
Dance Instructions
Triple minor Dancing Master 1696; interpreted by Christine Helwig, 1988 25b own tune (reel)
15-Oct-1919-Nov-2019 John Tallis' Canon
Our own video
Dance Instructions
Duple minor Pat Shaw 32b own tune (slow jig)
26-Nov-1928-Jan-20 Crossroads 4 couple [special]
Three couple set, with the fourth couple outside the second couple
John Wood 4 x 32bar reel
04-Feb-2017-Mar-20 Psalter Lane Saunter 4 couple longways Julian Hill 4 x 32bar reel
17-Mar-2021-Apr-20 Zither Man 3 couple longways Ian Jones
28-Apr-2002-Jun-20 Mr. Ganniford's Maggot
YouTube Video
Longways triple minor Pat Shaw 32bar Jig - own tune

Core dance pages from previous years

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