Core Dances 2013

Dance Name Formation Source Music
Turning by Threes
YouTube Video
3cpl Circle Gary Roodman Own tune
75th Anniversary Reel 4 couple longways Margarer Rowe  
The Phoenix   Playford  
Andes Anomaly
Our very own YouTube video!
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Longways, becket formation Cary Ravitz 32bar American Reeel
YouTube Video
4 cpl Longways Playford Own tune
After Dinner Maggot Longways triple minor
single progression
Gary Roodman
Prime Calculated Figures 2005
32b reel - own tune
Jack's Maggot
YouTube video
Longways Playford
12th Ed. 1703
Own tune
Corn Rigs Longways Traditional 32bar rant
Bucksaw Reel
aka Becket Reel
Longways becket formation Herbie Gaudreu
Community Dances Manual
32b Reel

Hints and Tips on Notation

Our Hints & Tips for Andes Anomaly:

End effects: