Club Callers

At NFDG we are blessed with a set of superb club callers who voluntarily plan a programme of dances and teach them on our club nights.

Josh Catlin

Whilst Josh has only been a part of the folk community for a few years, he has quickly become involved in our club, not only as a caller but also as our treasurer. He also enjoys to dance, join the band on his guitar or fiddle on party nights and is the secretary for IVFDF 2020 in Nottingham.

Graham Conran

Graham's easy style of calling is very popular in the club.
While Chairman he introduced the Core Dances concept which led to the club producing the first (and so far only) You-Tube video of Cary Ravitz's dance Andes Anomaly.

Janice Holland

A former secretary of the club, Janice is well known in folk circles nationally. She has calls a wide range of English Country dances at Nottingham and other clubs too.

Malcolm Jowett

Malcolm has been calling since he was a student at the University of Nottingham and is has a repertoire covering English Country Dance, English Ceilidh, American Contra and Squares. He is a regular caller at Nottingham and Loughborough clubs and at ceilidhs and barn dances in the East Midlands. His favourite style is the American Contra, he loves the energy and flow of these dances.
Malcolm has written or adapted some dances to be done by couples or singles. These are for the club's Virtual Dance sessions. Click here for the PDF.

Steve Moore

Steve has been calling for many years and is experienced in all styles of English Country Dance, English Ceilidh and American Contra and Squares and has also called at a number of other clubs.

Val Shaw

Val has been a dancer for many years including in display teams. She has a good taste in dances which are interesting to do.

Margaret Thomas

Margaret started calling with the Camping and Caravanning Club and now shares the calling with Janice on a regular basis.

Ian Whitehead

A former Chairman of the club, Ian has been calling for us for many years and always presents us with some interesting challenges but always precisely called.
See Ian's web site for Ian's details and published dances.

Lauren Wilson

Lauren started dancing at the University of Cambridge and her enthusiasm for dancing has led her into calling, reviving folk dancing at the University of Nottingham and orgainising IVFDF 2020.
Lauren's Facebook Page.

Victoria Yeomans

Victoria has an international reputation as a caller, regularly featuring at festivals and club dances.
Her enthusiasm for dancing well and clear instructions make her a very popular member of our calling rota.
See Victoria's web site.