Core Dances 2017

Dance Name Formation Source Music
Fandango 3 Couple Longways Apted 1774 Own Tune
Kelsterne Gardens Longways Triple Minor Playford 1728, 3rd Edition Own Tune - 28bars
Winter Dreams
YouTube Video
Longways duple minor,improper, single progression Gary Roodman - Sum Further Calculated Figures Winter Dreams Waltz - Jonathan Jensen
Michael and All Angels
YouTube Video
Has a slight variation in the final figures for display purposes
Longways duple minor, proper, single progression Fried de Metz Herman, 1991 The Masque in Dioclesian, Air "Let Monarchs Fight" (1690)
Andes Anomaly
Our very own YouTube video!
Click here for additional notes on calling & dancing
Longways, becket formation, even number of couples Cary Ravitz 32bar American Reel
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot Longways Dancing Master 1695, interpreted by Pat Shaw 16b own tune - triple time
Mary K
YouTube Video
Longways duple minor, improper, single progression Gary Roodman, A Finite Set of Calculated Figures, 2003 Own Tune by Dave Wiesler

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