Core Dances 2014

Dance Name Formation Source Music
75th Anniversary Reel 4 couple longways, proper Margaret Rowe  
The British Toper 3 couple longways, proper Kynaston “24 Dances for 1716”; Two Barns 32b Own Tune (Reel)
YouTube Video
4 couple longways, proper Dancing Master, 1st ed., 1651; Cecil Sharp interpretation 16b own tune, 9.5 times through
The Introduction 4 couple longways, proper Fried de Metz Herman; “Fringe Benefits” 32b own tune, waltz
Imperial Measure Triple minor, proper Ann Higley (now Barlow), “Dancing every Day” 32b own tune, reel
Adson's Saraband
YouTube Video
3 couple longways, proper Dancing Master, 1st edition, 1651 32b own tune, reel
Long Live London Sicilian circle Pat Shaw, 1971 32b own tune, reel
The Wizard's Walk
YouTube Video
Longways improper Ruth Ungar 32b own tune, Ameican reel
Across Nottingham
This dance was dedicated to the club after our video of Andes Anomaly was published on YouTube
Longways cross contra Cary Ravitz, 2013 32b contra reel