Core Dances 2015

Dance Name Formation Source Music
The British Toper 3 couple longways, proper Kynaston "24 Dances for 1716"; Two Barns 32b Own Tune (Reel)
The Introduction 4 couple longways, proper Fried de Metz Herman; "Fringe Benefits" 32b own tune, waltz
Parson's Farewell 2 couples facing Playford 1651 1st Edition 3 x 24b own tune
John Tallis' Canon
YouTube Video
Longways Pat Shaw, 1965 Tune
Newcastle Square set 4 couples Dancing Master 1651, 1st edition 32b own tune (reel)
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot Longways Dancing Master 1695, interpreted by Pat Shaw 16b own tune - triple time
Levi Jackson Rag 5 couples becket + 1 couple at the top Pat Shaw Own Tune
Just Skylarking Longway Rhodri Davies 32 bar contra reel
The Shrewsbury Lasses 3 couple longways Own Tune
Heswall & West Kirby Jubilee 4 couple becket Pat Shaw 1974 32b Own Tune