Core Dances 2018-2019

From To Dance Name Formation Source Music
4-Sep-182-Oct-18 Felicity
YouTube Video
One of the dancers in the video is Orly Krasner, who has called at our club.
4 couple longways Colin Hume Felicity by Dave Brown
CD: Connections
9-Oct-186-Nov-18 Picking Up Sticks
YouTube Video
3 couple longways Dancing Master 1651, 1st edition Own tune
CD: English Dancing Master Disk 2 Track 9
13-Nov-1811-Dec-18 Fluid Drive Square - 4 couples Ted Sanella 7 x 32bar American square
8-Jan-195-Feb-19 Father's Day 4 couple longways Gary Roodman Own tune
12-Feb-1912-Mar-19 Buffalo Stampede
YouTube video!
Note that this video shows it danced in a circle, which eliminates the strange end-effects.
We intend to do this in a longways set but this is an interesting variation.
Longways, becket formation,
even number of couples
Tom Hinds 32bar American Reel
TBATBA The Lonely Dandelion 4 couple longways Neil Stewart
An English Assortment
The Lonely Dandelion (32b waltz)
by Richard Stapledon
TBATBA Charlene's Celebration
YouTube Video
4 couple longways Gary Roodman Own Tune
Elizabethan Tango Man
CD: Band of Friends, Track 11
TBATBA O, A True Aphrodisiac John Daglish
Eight Times Six of the Best
Own tune
CD: 10 Tunes for 8 Times 6 Of The Best, Track 1

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