Core Dances 2017

This year we are again using a core repertoire of dances. The intention is to repeat all the dances many times over the course of the year so that we become familiar with them and are able to dance them confidently, and (hopefully) to concentrate a little more on technique and dancing them well not just getting through them. We noticed a marked improvement in the dancing of several of the previous years dances so we hope that you are finding it helpful.

Below is a list of the dances in the current core. If you would like a copy of the notation, please ask Malcolm or one of the other committee members. Please talk to Malcolm if anything is not clear in the instructions; he has taken them from the original source where he can.

As last year, we have a chart living with the club microphone. Each week the caller will mark all the core dances that he / she has done. We will try to repeat dances - it helps to consolidate the learning - but also try to make sure all the dances get reasonably equal coverage.

The dances have been chosen to allow the callers to teach particular figures, styles and formations. Some of the dances are a bit of a challenge, so we won't get them right until we've done some practising. Others have been chosen because they are often dances at public dances, and some more practice will help us to enjoy them more.

We are still experimenting with the best way to approach core dances so please keep passing on feedback to any member of the committee.

Where possible, links to the notation for the dance have been included. No guarantees as to the content of other sites can be given! Note that we may be teaching a slight variant of what is published on the external web site. See also our links page for web sites which provide hints on dance (and calling) technique.

Happy dancing!

Dance Name Formation Source Music
Fandango 3 Couple Longways Apted 1774 Own Tune
Kelsterne Gardens Longways Triple Minor Playford 1728, 3rd Edition Own Tune - 28bars
Winter Dreams
YouTube Video
Longways duple minor,improper, single progression Gary Roodman - Sum Further Calculated Figures Winter Dreams Waltz - Jonathan Jensen
Michael and All Angels
YouTube Video
Has a slight variation in the final figures for display purposes
Longways duple minor, proper, single progression Fried de Metz Herman, 1991 The Masque in Dioclesian, Air "Let Monarchs Fight" (1690)
Andes Anomaly
Our very own YouTube video!
Click here for additional notes on calling & dancing
Longways, becket formation, even number of couples Cary Ravitz 32bar American Reel
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot Longways Dancing Master 1695, interpreted by Pat Shaw 16b own tune - triple time
Mary K
YouTube Video
Longways duple minor, improper, single progression Gary Roodman, A Finite Set of Calculated Figures, 2003 Own Tune by Dave Wiesler

Core dance pages from previous years

Hints and Tips on Notation

Our Hints & Tips for Andes Anomaly:

Our very own YouTube video! End effects: